sale of anti-hail covers

The anti-hail cover has a tubular structure in galvanized steel Sendzimir Z275. The arches can be made with width ranging from 3 to 10 meters according to your needs. The structures being modular can adapt to any shape and size.

Each arch is reinforced with reinforcing tie rods and bracing.

The anti-hail cover, made in high density polyethylene, is placed upon the structures and provides individual sheets for each span, so as to allow the disposal of any hail accumulation.

The entire structure of the anti-hail cover can be anchored by means of underground plinths, or as you can see from the photos, by means of external plinths of suitable dimensions to withstand the wind forces of recent times.
The entire structure can be certified to the wind wherever the yard is located.
The economic offer can include all the elements to form a “turnkey”.